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When Is It Time To Turn Your Virtual Event Over To An Event Production Company?

Imagine you’ve been tasked by your employer to turn the companies’ annual company-wide meeting that is usually done in-person, at a hotel, into a virtual event. So, now what?

Of course, you’ll have to choose a virtual platform, but which virtual platform is best for your needs?...Zoom, WebEx, GoToWebinar, EventStreamPopTok (not an actual platform), or another from the hundreds that came up in your Google search? Undeterred, you pick a so-called “all-in-one” platform but it offers little to no support, no direction, no production, and no tailored solution…but you got this!

Now that you’ve picked what you hope is the best platform, who’s going to learn how to use it?

You’ve learned how to use it (sort of), but…How do you get your presenters’ video and audio back in sync? How do you get rid of that echo, echo, echo, echo, echo???!!! How do you gracefully switch between slide presentations, videos and the live video feed from your high-paid key note speaker?

After watching dozens of YouTube videos, you’re heroically becoming an “expert” (at least that’s what you tell yourself), then you realize…Who will manage and coordinate the overall event since you’re busy running the virtual event platform?

Finally, it’s the big event day, you switch to your first presenter and… clothes, hair, makeup and background are perfect, but they look dim and washout on the virtual streaming video! NOW WHAT?!?!?

Go back to the beginning of this imaginary story and hire an Event Production company.

How Can A Virtual Event Production Company Support Your Needs?

A good virtual event production company will be your trusted partner. Ideally, you’ll want to look for professionals who’ve been in the industry for years and know the ins and outs of events. At Southern Sound & Lighting, we’ve been there, done that, for over 30 years!

It helps you make the right decisions

Their technical experts have put effort into studying all of the available options for you, and know exactly what each platform can do for your event. Once you meet with them and explain the vision you have and what you’d like for your event to entail, they can match you with the solution they know will fit your needs better. No need for you to do hours of research and still be unsure of the choice you made – the virtual event company does it for you!

When planning an in-person event, would you forfeit camera operators? Video experts? Engineers and sound technicians?

It will design the perfect structure for your event

Not all virtual events are alike. While it’s easy to think that all virtual experiences will inevitably look like the boring old webinar, having a virtual event production team on board will empower you to make the experience unique and as close to an in-person event as possible. Things like breakout rooms, small meetings, sponsor activations, and entertainment are still possible. And a virtual event production company will know exactly how to make them happen, as long as you share your vision with them.

It's a valuable backup that you’ll wish you always had

When planning an in-person event, would you forfeit camera operators? Video experts? Engineers and sound technicians? In other words, would you risk planning an event without surrounding yourself with experts in their respective fields that assure a level of production excellence on all fronts? No, of course not! And the same is valid for virtual events. The model might have changed for all of us, but virtual events are just as tricky, and require production of their own. You still need people who know how to create and build impactful sets and are comfortable with live-streaming technology. Specialists who know the best way to ensure audio, video, and lighting quality. And most importantly, dedicated assistance in case something goes south, a lifeline, and point of contact that will stick by your – metaphorical – side from start to finish.

Conclusion: Hire Your Own Virtual Event Production Company!

It’s completely understandable that in the midst of all the insanity, things get hazy. Planning a virtual event is brand new ground for pretty much everyone involved, so rest assured you’re not alone! Hopefully, now you better understand what a virtual event production company can do for you and why your best bet is to find the PEOPLE who’ll get you through this, not just the technology.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then chat with us today and request a quote. We can make your virtual event happen, together!

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