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30 Years of Kept Promises

Southern Sound & Lighting was founded on an unwavering commitment to producing the highest-quality experience possible for each and every client. We’ve grown from our early days of delivering amazing sound for DJ events across the Southern US, to producers of elaborate experiences that combine, staging, lighting audio, and video that’s shared live around the world. Our focus has been crystal clear from the start. We take a true interest in making each event the best it can be. We handle every detail so our clients are only responsible for having a good time.

The Right Sound

Sound and audio production has been one of our specialties since the very beginning. Our experience in DJ events, arena-based performances, and multi-city concert tours for popular musicians gave rise to our expertise in sound design. We pioneered math- and science-based methods for modeling acoustic behavior in any venue based on geometric sound characteristics. This approach allows us to plan and configure the correct sound levels, equipment, and equipment placement that will balance the sound equally throughout the entire venue. The result is perfect sound for every seat in the house.

With live events, there’s no room for error. The audience is ready and the show goes on regardless of technical difficulties. We get it and we know how to anticipate potential problems and mitigate risks with rehearsals, run-throughs, and technical back-up systems. Only by getting it right time after time can you reach this level of consistent acoustic performance.

An Extravagant Gala Experience

As word spread about our sound expertise and outstanding customer service, our reputation as a top-tier professional sound production company took shape. Clients then began asking us to produce Galas and Corporate events where not only sound, but staging, lighting, video screens, and advanced production controls are required. The addition of video, in particular, requires very precise and specific technical capabilities.

We’ve seen the advancement of video technology soar to new levels of resolution and color accuracy. Through it all we’ve found the best way to assure excellent quality video images is to get the lighting fundamentals correct. The proprietary lighting techniques we developed and still use today utilize available light supplemented precisely with various types of lighting sources to eliminate shadows and control color temperatures in any environment. This “engineering-based approach” to lighting is the key to producing the best quality video, even at ultra-high resolution.

Though we’ve produced some of the most memorable Galas and corporate events ever, it’s most rewarding to see our clients enjoy a nice festive celebration without a single worry. They know all the details behind-the-scenes are being handled by the best in the business.

Our Solid Foundation

We have seen some mighty big industry changes over the years and also within our company. Our company headquarters has made a permanent home in our current location- an enormous flexible-use facility just outside of downtown Houston. Our expansive fleet of company-owned trucks can be seen delivering our gear throughout the region, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’ve built a fully-featured sound stage for hosting live and hybrid events and even conducting complete dress rehearsals. Our enormous headquarters facility and the staff that runs it keeps all of our company-owned audio, video, lighting, giant screens, and staging equipment secure, readily available, and completely functional at all times.

Setting the Standard for Hybrid Events

Our daily lives have changed dramatically over the past couple years. At one point, our ability to meet in-person came to a complete halt, which impacted every aspect of business as we knew it. We had to pivot into an unplanned and very extreme reliance on technology to keep us all connected.

As these events unfolded, the leadership position we had established in streaming capabilities came in quite handy. We’ve been successfully producing high-resolution video streaming services for many years. Clients including Stewart Title, the Port of Houston, and many large southern churches have relied on us to distribute video streams for remote access across the globe. We even regularly provide streaming video feeds for use in live TV broadcasts.

Our capabilities and experience in video streaming enabled us to help many companies continue business. We produced virtual and hybrid events with live video streams, guest speakers, broadcast-quality production control, and entertaining interface platforms that capture and hold the attention of on-line audiences. And we did it all with the same Southern style that earns our client’s trust again and again.

Looking to the Future

We take great pride in the success we’ve achieved over these past 30 years and are thankful for the clients that have trusted us to handle their important events. Our best memories so far are how we’ve consistently exceeded expectations and delivered outstanding results- every time for every client. We’re looking forward to the years ahead and to producing many more happy celebrations for many more clients.

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