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The Latest and Greatest LED Wall Display Technology NOW AVAILABLE

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Southern Sound & Lighting is a one stop shop for staging, lighting, audio, and video. We’ve seen it all in our 30 years of experience of producing impactful live shows and engaging events. We carry all the top equipment and have inhouse, full-time professionals on staff that handle every detail. From customer consultation, planning, and scheduling, to flawless live execution, our events are known as the most successful and highest-quality productions in the industry.

With one of the most extensive inventories of large LED wall panels, we’re uniquely-equipped to create super high-end audio/video experiences with dynamic imagery, crisp resolution, and superior video quality. Our Legend Mini LED display panels produce true 4K look & feel for outdoor audiences, indoor audiences, and can even be curved to deliver an immersive video experience.

Gloshine Legend Mini 2.97

· 2.97 Pixel Pitch for outstanding video quality

· Up to 5,000 NIT Brightness

· Waterproof outdoor performance

· Modular design allows flexible configurations including irregular shapes and curved applications

Optimizing the incredible performance of the Legend Mini LED panels requires professional-level video processors that can run the type of show our clients have come to expect. Our NovaStar Pro Processors are the perfect solution. These are not your everyday video processors. These all-in-one controllers feature excellent video processing capabilities, comprehensive video compatibility, and 4K+ image processing & sending capabilities.

NovaStar Pro UHD JR Processors

· Greatly enhances display image quality, providing more clear and vivid images

· Supports pure color and image BKGs

· Loading capacity over 10 Million pixels

· Supports full screen, pixel to pixel, and custom image scaling modes

Another professional audio/video component we leverage for superior results is the Ross Carbonite Ultra switcher. This industry-standard switcher includes all the necessary format conversion, monitoring, mixing, and chroma-keying capabilities required for the highest-quality, highest-resolution events.

Ross Carbonite Ultra Switcher

· Supports all common video standards

· Software-defined platform in continually updated with the latest features

· 24 inputs

· Advanced automation control panels

Pro-level equipment like this is not commonly used by many companies in the events industry. Our commitment to superior quality and service has driven us to keep up with the latest technology and well ahead of the pack when it comes to delivering the very best events for our clients.

With powerful video processing capabilities and superior display technologies, combined with our professional expertise and dedication to service, we’re ready and able to produce superior results:

· Outdoor Political Rallies featuring vivid live video, graphics, and messaging

· Broadcast-quality Live Performances and Recordings

· Fashion Shows with true High-Definition Video

· Product Launch Events, Elaborate GALA Gatherings, Awards Ceremonies, AND MORE!

If you’re planning an event that requires the very best in audio/video audience experience, give us a call at 713-644-0555.

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